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About us

We have been breeding Red Angus with top-ranking genetic qualities from the Vogelsberg-region since 1990, and are certified as an EC-Organic Livestock Producer. A selection of Red Angus animals is permanently available. Our production facilities can be visited at any time after previous appointment.


The successful breeders

The next generation

Young breeders


The new multipurpose hall are located here.

Awards of our animals.

The new multi-purpose hall including quarantine barn was completed in November 2010, before the winter period.

Housing facilities of Artur Ruppel

Housing facilities of Werner Rücklinger

Regular attendance at auctions and beef cattle conventions

Preparation and grooming of animals for annual auctions  -  Grüne Woche, Berlin  
Requirement: Good genetic qualities and good-natured character, tranquil and      

Pauli - Auction bull 


Member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Angushalter e.V.
[Federal association of German Angus Breeders E.V.]
Member of the Interessensgemeinschaft Deutsche Angus Hessen e.V.
[Federal association of Hessen Angus Breeders E.V.]